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Stuffed toys accompany us from the first days of life. They live in a baby cot, they become the first listeners and comforters of the kids, they decorate rucksacks of young ladies of fashion, they complement the kitchen interior of the adult connoisseurs of beauty. Teddy bears, textile dolls, the famous tilda dolls - they all live close to you, filling your world with warmth and giving the colors to your emotions.

Nowadays hundreds of companies around the world produce toys. But not a single machine made item can be compared with a handmade doll. And let this doll have the hands with unbending elbows and miss a dozen of the programmed spoken phrases. It is of much greater importance that it has a soul, a personality, a mood.

Stuffed handmade toys are unique, each of them differs from the others. Having been sewn by the hands of kind and open people (there are simply no other types of people among the toy masters) they carry out something more important than manufactured functionality - they keep the thoughts, they exude emotions and with no exaggeration they communicate the good to the world around them.

Gzheletska textile toys are soulful and funny characters with real faces. Having been handmade from natural materials they will become true friends to your children and they will add comfort to your home. Dolls and animals, fantastic characters and tilda dolls - Gzheletska stuffed toys will suit the demands of all ages and personalities.

Made with love

Welcome to the world of kind, wise, sometimes slightly melancholic but always very sincere toys! It offers interior dolls, teddy bears, textile animals and many other items. All the toys are handmade, represented in a single copy especially for you! See what warmth and comfort these small creatures carry with them. Certainly there is the one among them that has got already its own place arranged at your home ...

High-quality materials

All our toys are made of high-quality modern natural materials. We choose the best fabrics from Germany and America and we use the high quality Polish textiles. We pay special attention to the fittings – these are not only beautiful but also safe. In most products the fillers are synthetic and hypoallergenic, in some toys (classic collection) the organic fillers are used.

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